RasPad is the simplest Raspberry Pi device

RasPad is the Simplest Raspberry Pi Device

The hardest part of learning anything new is that initial step. Raspberry Pi was a game changer for beginner programmers, but we just made coding even more accessible with the RasPad. We simplified the whole process by giving you all the accessories you need in a portable Raspberry Pi tablet. With our intuitive instruction books, anyone can start making right out of the box. Check out this unboxing video we just made to show you how easy it really is!

Ok, now that you’ve gotten yourself acquainted with the RasPad, see what you can do with it. My personal favorite is to take the projects off the screen and make something tangible. Connect sensors to it and see the actions you program in real time.

P.S. Don’t hesitate to send us some videos or photos of your projects on Facebook! We’ve created a RasPad Facebook group to inform makers of any RasPad update as well as for you all to share projects or ask questions regarding the RasPad.