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  • 📢Hey, you! Are you a RasPad fan?

    Chances are that if you’re reading this, the answer is a resounding yes. In fact, our RasPad fans have already spread all over the world.

    Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of these fans don’t yet know that we’ve created an awesome place just for them! Here is where the RasPad team gets to know our fans on a personal level, as well as getting direct feedback on our products and services that go right back into the development cycle.

    But joining the community is good for you, too! In fact, it’s just like joining a VIP club.


    Community members get access to these incredible benefits:

      √Join exclusive contests and giveaways🎁

      √Opportunities to free test new or upcoming products🌈

      √Community deals not available to the general public💰

      √First access to news about new projects and releases🤗

      √Invitations to our meetups😀

      √The opportunity to meet fellow fans and make friends from all over the world!🌏

      √Share your ideas and tips with a fellow on using the Raspad!🔎

      √Get new tips & information or a new update FAQ for RasPad!👨‍💻

      √Giving you the chance to win the various festivals Surprise! 📦


    By signing up from now through June 18th, 2021, you’ll be automatically entered to win exquisite prizes.


    “But how do I get signed up? Is it complicated?”

    No, it’s as easy as:

    1. Click the 'Register' button in the top right corner
    2. Fill in your information and click 'Create'

    You’ve nothing to lose and years of deals, exclusives, freebies, and friendships to gain. So join us today; we’re waiting for you!

    Run On!



    1. We will randomly choose 9 registered fans from the comments to win the community prizes.  Prizes include portable monitor, raspberry pi robot, raspberry pi kit.
    2. The winner list will be announced at the bottom of this post after the event.
    3. This giveaway event runs from May 18th through June 18th, 2021.
    4. All the winners will receive a confirmation email on June 19th.
    5. The event is open to residents from all over the world.
    6. RasPad Team reserves the right of the final explanation.



    Winners Announcement:

    🎉🎉Congratulations to the lucky ones below for winning these gifts. 

    • First Place: @Ken Li
    • Second Place: @John Andrews @Randall Murray @Francois Truphemus
    • Third Place: @Matthew Dyer @Mike Paulin @Garry Clay @Torsten F. @CHUCK MCGUIRE

    @winners Please keep an eye on your registered email, one of our colleagues will contact you for confirmation shortly.


    Thank you everyone for participating in this event, and thank you for your support on Raspad team.

    Welcome to RasPad family! 

  • Nice work RasPad team!

  • Awesome

  • A grand tool and great service.

  • Thanks! :-)

  • Great way to stir up involvement! Good luck to all!

  • Hello to all from Germany!

    Im proud to be a member of this community and hope we all will have a good time here.

    Stay healthy and keep thinking positive.

    Thank you to the RasPad-Team!


  • Strangely, I prefer the second prize the best 😁

  • My RasPad3 is awesome. I've run many different images with it. Right now it's an Amiga! Whether just at home or on-the-go, it's been a great both tool and toy.

  • Great stuff Sunfounder and RasPad team


  • Sounds great!

  • Thanks - I enjoy my RasPad!!

  • Yes, I'd prefer the second prize also.

  • Great to see RasPad embracing its loyal community!

  • Thanks!

  • @SunFounder_official Thank you for the invite! I'm hoping to get lots of great advice here!

    Be positive, test negative!

  • Thanks!

  • I received the RasPad3 with great pleasure.
    The packaging is very well designed and protects very well.
    The manual is succinct but more than enough.
    The installation of the RaspBerry is done without any worries.
    Once everything is installed it is a real pleasure to get it going.
    The screen is very pleasant, very clear.
    The BT keyboard is very practical and seems solid ..... we'll see over time.

    I do not regret my purchase at all 😁

  • One of the best, No I will correct that, THE best Kickstart project I've put money into.

    Had great service from them since as well.

  • Looking forward to feedback from assembly query.

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