Drivers of the display board in Raspberry Pi OS

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    Any Retropie/RecalBox installation experience in the forum to share? How to install the drivers of the display board on it? Could be usefull to know that onto a bare raspberry Pi OS, without the raspad "flavour"?

    I'm using raspad3 to program Petoi with OpenCat, and it's arduino uno like board, NyBoard V1. After this, the project is to integrate an RPI3B (with raspian lite) onto the Cat, to communicate with an OpenCV Cam OAK-D in Python.




  • @Benoît PARSY

    Retropie/RecalBox may not be compatible if used on raspad.

    What I mean is that these two systems do not have a mouse, so the touch function of RasPad is affected and cannot be used.

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    So when using bare raspian, no need of setup/install to get the display working?


  • @Benoît PARSY

    Yes. raspian os can be used directly.

  • Wondering now that we have a 64 bit Raspberry Pi OS out of beta, will it work with RasPad Launcher? Also, can't something be done about the spam filth that has attacked our user forum?

  • @Michael Blomquist Our technicians have tested, it can't work with RasPad Launcher.


  • @RasPad Support OK. Are there any future plans for an x64 Raspbian that will operate on the RasPad?

  • I would like to reopen the discussion concerning a 64-bit build of the RasPad operating system. I have installed the 64-bit RPi Bullseye OS in my RasPad and it works great. Really great. RasPad Support has already said (two threads above) that RasPad Launcher does not work with the 64-bit OS, and I can confirm that it does not. I was looking on the Github site where the RasPad Launcher download resides and came across a section labeled Rebuild Guide. It lists scripts for Raspberry Pi OS Stretch(Legacy) and Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye. I'm not sure what these are for as there is very little documentation on the site. Can somebody tell me if the second script would make the RasPad Launcher operational in a 64-bit environment?

    The Github page is here:



  • @Michael Blomquist I was wondering. How were you able to successfully install and run Bullseye 64 on the raspad. I am getting a "no cable" notification and then a black screen after the boot sequence completes. If I have a secondary monitor attached, video is making it to the second monitor and displaying. Display settings of the RPI show 2 monitors detected. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • @Mike Parker check cables both monitors should work without any modification.

  • @CerberusStyle The cables work perfectly. The RasPad works with the 32-bit OS but if I try to use 64-bit, I have the screen problem.

  • @Mike Parker then u have a setup problem as im using the 64bit OS now and its running fine with 2 monitors, i would suggest a fresh install, as you have proved yourself that the hardware works and no extra step are required from a raspad3 point of view to make it work.

  • I would suggest a fresh install also. Maybe try another micro SD card, although I think if you use the Raspberry Pi Imager app it will detect a bad image. I have also been using the 64 bit OS for a couple months now and it is very snappy. I'm using the 8 Gb RAM RPi 4 Model B. In fact, I just figured out today what my audio problem was, wasn't using the volume control on the side of the RasPad, and got the auto-rotator to working.

  • @CerberusStyle I have noticed that when I attempt to use the 64 bit operating system  it has trouble detecting one of the USBs. Could this be the problem?

  • @Mike Parker take a photo of the inside of your raspad3 so i can make sure you have it all connected correctly.

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