Do not turn off the touchscreen on turning off the display

  • When we turn off the display, the touchscreen device (/dev/input/event0) is unlinked. On wake, the device is recreated, but our application still uses the old handle.

    We are running a third party GUI engine and can not change it to monitor the removal of the touchscreen device, and reinitialize the touchscreen device on wake.

    Is it possible NOT to disable the touchscreen when we turn off the display?

  • @Pim Klanke if you mean by pressing the button on side of the raspad3 then no its not possible as by pressing the button you not only turn off the display it turns off the usb interface aswell, and that is done in the hardware and that can not be changed.

  •  Thank you.

    I guess I will have to fake it then by running some script that monitors the touchscreen device and passes all data to a file like object that is never removed.

  • @Pim Klanke

    This demand cannot be met. We do this to prevent accidental touch.

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