RASPAD - Hello and menus issue

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    I am using Raspad 3 with 4B inside.  So far it is going alright.  I prefer MATE, so am doing my best to get that happy.

    My most pressing issue is about certain drop down or pop up menus which don't work with touchscreen, apparently.  I'd like to find a workaround for these, or some kludge.  I suppose it is a gtk issue?  Has anyone found anything for this yet?

    I'm also hoping to get anbox or waydroid working.  So far that has been a lot of compile errors and yak shaving.

    Anyway, nice to meet you.  (Even you, weird spammer types.)

    PS, I have two finger right click working through Touche'.  But I'd like a panel widget to do that.  Not found anything yet online.  Ideas?  I can't imagine it's too hard to map a panel button to right click?  Thanks.

  • @Shufei Wu Welcome to the forum, im not a fan of ubuntu myself so cant help you withe your " mate " issues and they are specific to that OS and why i recommend raspi os 32bit or 64bit beta as they have been designed to work with the aging raspi 4B.

    In regards to Android i have tried a few flavours on the RPI and none really work very well or are missing feature like the playstore so games wont run. Have even got windows 11 running (WOR) but that too runs sluggish and slow, hopefully they come out with a RPI5 soon with a better soc to solve these issues.

    How would a panel widget help with right click? as you would need to " click " in a specfic location on the screen for it to work anyways, so by adding a widget and trying to click it you would just be right click on the widget itself and nothing would happen. 

  • @Shufei Wu

    The problem that the touch screen drop-down menu cannot be used has been solved on the new Raspberry Pi system. You can try: https://www.raspberrypi.com/software/operating-systems/

  • @CerberusStyle Thanks for the welcome and the head's up on the RaspiOS 64bit beta.  I do have that on one chip, and shall give it a go to see if it indeed clears up some of the menu issues.

    I don't want to run a full android system, and haven't a need for the play store or such, just install a few key apps from .apk files onto the Linux fs.  Sadly, I've not found FLOSS replacements for some mainstream programmes.  Anbox can run on Pi 4B, but it needs much finagling.  I've yet to get it there.  I just downloaded Manjaro for Arm64, which might be a better bed for Waydroid.

    A panel widget could be tapped before whatever object is next tapped for a right click. I had a similar gizmo long ago on WinXP.  OnBoard has this as a feature, too, which works precisely thusly.  But one must activate the keyboard to use it, which is a step worth removing.

  • @RasPad Support Thanks, I have a MicroSD with very recent RaspiOS on it.  Most menus work under both Ubuntu MATE and RaspiOS, but some have issues.  Usually it occurs with second step menus, menus within menus.  Is this a new fix, as Cerberus suggested in beta?

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