A Tablet That Helps People of All Level

A Tablet That Helps People of All Level

Raspad is designed for developers for all levels. No matter how much experience you currently have, anyone can start to build cool projects with RasPad.

With access to o all the Raspberry Pi ports, experienced developers can further develop their own device with the RasPad. They can build their own Chrome or Android tablet on the RasPad.

Other than coding assistance, RasPad can serve as an extra display for your existing projects or even as a remote control for other appliances.

As for beginners, they can easily learn programing fundamentals with its dragit app that teaches you to program by dragging and dropping coding sequences. With the sensor kit, they can see the actions they code in real-time. Besides programming, RasPad can be a good remote streaming display too.

For families, they can create things, build projects, or play games on it together.