RasPad: The Best Custom Tablet of Raspberry Pi

RasPad: The Best Custom Tablet of Raspberry Pi

RasPad: The Best Custom Tablet of Raspberry Pi

RasPad is a portable Raspberry Pi Tablet. It has all the functions that Raspberry Pi may have; besides, you can add functions to it by attaching peripherals you like, or use it as a raspberry pi display. It also has great versatility in the system created by SunFounder.

raspad-raspberry pi tablet

Product Appearance

One of the amazing advantages of RasPad is the wedge design, it makes the users will get the optimum operational experience. 

raspad-raspberry pi tablet

We retain the whole ports over the sides of Raspberry Pi. And add a port for connecting a radiator fan. You can purchase the fan by ourselves on our official website.

raspad- raspberry pi tablet


At the bottom of the RasPad, there is a battery indicator and a power LED.

The battery indicator blinks during the charging of the battery. The battery is fully charged only if the third indicator light is on. With the power LED on, the device is powered on.



Some grooves over the sides of the RasPad are available for users’ easy access to GPIO of Raspberry Pi.


raspad- raspberry pi tabletraspad- raspberry pi tablet

Or use a T-Cobbler to extend the GPIO pins. With a breadboard, you can get a connection easier and more stable.


And there are some other ports on RasPad (as follow), you can connect peripherals by them. We have the Audio port, the HDMI port, and the USB port.

raspad- raspberry pi tablet

You can make your RasPad become a display of your Raspberry Pi camera, or even get your RasPad connected with a wide range of main control panels, such as Banana Pi, LattePanda, Beaglebone and so on.

raspad- raspberry pi tablet

The Stereo Speaker

A 2W stereo speaker is powerful enough for you to experience the best audio effects.

raspad- raspberry pi tablet


Having been upgraded, RasPad 2.0 applies Li-Po battery about 3.7V 6000mAh. You can continuously use it for 4 hours before recharging it.  The voltage output of charging reaches up to 15V so that charging can be faster.

The Touch Screen

Applying the 10.1‘’ IPS LCD screen, RasPad has a high color accuracy and 1280 x 800 resolution ratio, making you get clear images from different aspects and save more energy.    

raspad- raspberry pi tablet


In the next article, we will talk about the Operating System of RasPad and how to use Ezblock on RasPad.

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