Forum rules and guidelines

  • Do not create any posts that contain your personal information

    When creating any post, please do not include any personal information, such as personal order number, address, full name, etc. If you want to make it public, you can use an email address. Just be sure and publish your email address in a way that bots can’t recognize.


    Ask your question/issue once, in the relevant section of the forum

    We know that you are eager to get answers to your questions, but reposting the same question to multiple sections of the forum will cause duplication of work and make your focus on the question different. If everyone can discuss it in one place, you will get a better answer. Asking the same question multiple times is called cross-posting. Cross-posting is very annoying for people trying to help you. If you cross-post your posts, the moderator will delete your extra posts and you will receive a warning. Save all the trouble, just post the question once and make sure to post it in the relevant section of the forum. Will notice.


    Start a new question, don't hijack an existing question

    You might see an existing question similar to the one you are asking, and consider marking your question at the end. Please do not do this; if the existing question is just what you are looking for and the answer can help you, then it is not necessary, otherwise, the existing question is not what you are looking for and you should post a new question.


    Getting help from a particular person

    You might have read answers from a particular person and think that person would be the best person to help you. You can bring your question to someone's attention by using @ followed by their username, for example, @username. If you do this they will get a notification. 


    Be polite

    A little courtesy and politeness go a long way. Even if you think a question has been asked before, or you don't see the point of it, try to answer politely. Remember a lot of the posters with high post counts see the same questions every day, and they may get a bit terse if you appear not to have tried very hard to help yourself in the first place. You will find that if you respond in a friendly way, people will stick with you and you will almost certainly get your problem solved. Personal insults, rudeness, and offensive language are not acceptable and will result in a ban. 




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