Android in RasPad 3

  • Hi everyone and welcome to the forum ^_^

    I just wanted to ask if anyone uses Android on its RasPad 3. I use RasPad OS from the beginning but I wanted to try Android on another microSD I have available.

    Any good experience with it?

    Thanks in advance!

  • You can try the version by KonstaKang:

    I gave it a quick look and it boots and the main functions seem to be there.

  • I have a Pi 4 setup running  Android.  It's not a Raspad though.  It's ok but not my choice for a developer platform. I actually prefer the 64 bit  version of Raspbian OS.

  • @Thomas Veach I would like to set it up on 64 Bit RaspiOS oder DietPi, too.

    Did you already do some work on autorotationg the display? I am juast starting to get into this.

  • I want to try out TwisterOS - have anyone already experience with it?

  • @Patrick Steinke Me too. Also had good experience with TwisterOS so far. 👍

    Installation went smoothly. Everything is working fine. Rotation 👍, Sound 👍, 2nd Monitor 👍, LAN, WLAN 👍, BT 👍, ... 👍 

    Findings? ... we will see ... 😀

  • @Abel Paz 

    If you want to install Android system, you can try this image
    The technicians have tested it and can be used. Good luck~😬

  • Android 11 from konstakang runs great, I installed the mpu 6050 and enabled it in the settings and the screen rotations are nice and crisp. The play store takes a bit to set up but it's not hard. I have also designed and printed a vertical charging dock if anyone has a 3D printer and wants to try it, let me know.

  • @Patrick Steinke 

    hi Patrick, 

    I have just installed Twister OS 2.0.2 and it works great, lots of fancy stuff included … I had to add the matchbox keyboard. 
    Cheers - Torsten

  • I've installed the latest lineage os, and it seems cool, but sensor test apps tell me there is no accelerometer and thus auto rotate won't work.

    Yet, people says it does.


  • @John Windberg 

    The only way I could get it to work was to install a mpu6050 accelerometer. They are cheap on amazon. I used double sided tape and wired it in with some female jumper wires. I will attach a pic.

  • @John Windberg 

    Did you not have this little module in the product box you received?

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