Raspad 3.0 : First impressions.

  • Hi. I have been using ios-based tablets for years. My old Mac Mini & a couple of PC laptops are barely used, pretty much dedicated to SDR radio now. My intention is to move away from Apple products &, having seen the Raspad, I was determined to give it a try. 

    The Raspad arrived well packed & presented, went together with my new Pi 4 8gb very easily. The fan is a little intrusive but I'll try alternative fan setups over time. The Raspad started up first time .. but not the second time. Where had I gone wrong? No idea, I sent a query to Sunfounder - no reply came.

    Turns out that the Pi 4 had died so I return h Pi to the supplier & will start again. Outcome is that I am still waiting to see what the Raspad can do but I play around with Android tablets in the meantime.


  • That is too bad! Hope you will get your replacement soon.



  • I found out the fan is set to a fixed speed. Not very silent.

    Is there a way to change the settings of the speed? or maybe just a different position?

    Everything else seems to be working fine for me

  • @John Alexander

    Dear friend, regarding the no reply you mentioned, we check that we replyed to you on May 6th. The content is as follows:

    Hi John,
    Thanks for contacting us.
    Could you please provide us your order number first?
    Is the sd card inserted properly, and the Raspberry Pi starts normally?
    The red light is always on and the green light flashes quickly, this is the normal startup process.
    After removing the back cover, please take a video about the flashing status of the Raspberry Pi when it starts, so that the technicians can better solve the problem for you.

    Best Regards,
    RasPad Team

    Maybe our email was identified as spam by your mailbox, we are sorry that we did not resolve your issue in time.🙁
    See your post mentioned "Turns out that the Pi 4 had died", this is the reason why RasPad cannot be used. After you use the new Pi 4, if the problem is not resolved, please feel free to contact us.🤗

  • @Horacio Resendiz

    You can set the fan switch on the upper left corner of the mainboard to ‘S’, which can reduce noise, but will relatively reduce the fan’s speed and heat dissipation capacity.

    The S/F switch is the Slow/Fast switch of the fan. Toggle the switch to control the speed of the fan. Slow will be quieter, Fast will be noisier, but the heat dissipation effect is stronger.

  • I swapped in the fan from my Canakit Rpi4, powering it from the 3.3V on the GPIO and it's quite quiet, and has been keeping the unit pretty cool.

  • @RasPad Support second Pi4 purchased, same problem. I have switched all cables around, same 'no cable' report. Frustrating.

  • I also fitted a Pi 4 Model B 8 Gb card in my RasPad case and found that the daughter board cabling was a little tight and could possibly cause connection problems. I cabled everything and then carefully secured the Pi board to the case. What size micro SD card are you using? I purchased a 64 Gb card and had some issues getting it properly formatted. You can find the instructions and the free formatter download online.

  • @Michael Blomquist 

    The SD card is more than 16G. You can use this tool to format:


  • @John Alexander

    Is there a way to confirm whether the Raspberry Pi has been successfully started? For example, you can see the ip address of the Raspberry Pi, or connect via ssh and vnc?

  • @Jay Bee Hi. I bought another Pi4 8gb, no joy with that either, to begin with. My son is far more Pi aware than I am, he declares the 1st Pi4 'dead'. Persisted with the 2nd Pi4, set it up 1st outside of the raspad & it worked .. because I had not fitted the accelerometer. It was THAT! Transferred the Pi into the Raspad & et voila! It works. Very relieved that I can now use the Raspad & learn more about the Raspberry Pi system. 🙂

  • @RasPad Support The first Pi4 8gb will not boot, tried several sd cards & os variants. Second Pi4 works fine now & is installed the Raspad. Messing around with it now! Thank you for replying.

  • I'm getting cocky now .. the Raspad is booting off a Samsung 512 gb ssd. Completely OTT 🙂

  • Why partiularly is a Samsung 512gb fitted inside? This SSD drive is very compact, connects to one of the internal USB 3 ports inside via a short & flexible connector with tiny SSD connector. As an afterthought, I fitted my keyboard dongle inside too. This leaves me 3 available external USB ports. My next task is to try operate my HackRF One SDR receiver from it. Should be fine. 

  • @John Alexander I don't know what to say except brilliant! regarding KB dongle. So obvious and yet, I missed that. This belongs in tips and tricks. This idea totally saved me rotation annoyances and fear of banging the dongle. My MAN! fantastic.

  • Interested in the Samsung 512 gb ssd that is small enough to fit. Which one did you get? a SATA or a M.2.NVMe model? Particulars for the model and connector would be great! Any power concerns that you've experienced? 

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