WiFi issues on RasPad

  • I have an issue running the WiFi on the RasPad when I use the RasPad HDMI cable. It works fine if I replace the cable with a non Raspad HDMI. I've tried it on 2 Raspad motherboards (a replacement) and 2 Raspad HDMI cables.

    Even if I use a external usb WiFi dongle, the problem of no WiFi still persists. Any advice?

  • It may be that 2.4Ghz signals interfere with each other.
    It is recommended that you change the resolution frequency of RasPad3, or change to a 5G band wifi to verify.

  • I have concluded that yes it seems to be the supplied micro HDMI to micro HDMI cables are not properly shielded and thus basically useless if you intend to use wifi. 

  • @Myriri Myri well thats odd cause i have it working just fine here, both wired and wifi work a treat.

  • @CerberusStyle in all probability because the HDMI wifi flaw isn't consistent among Pi4s. Some suffer from it more than others which is why the official HDMI lead is triple shielded. 

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  • @Myriri Myri hmm, so how can this issue be replicated? in my testing i see no issue, and i have exactly the same cables as anyone else does.

    Is it actually a flaw in the pi4 itself if so then there is not much the raspad team can do, and you cant expect them to be able to fix an issue thats out of there control.  its clearly not the cables as if it was definitively that then every raspad3 would fail and thats just not the case.

  • @CerberusStyle As mentioned previously. The issue is inconsistent with Pi4s. Not all of them display it. 

    Some have the sensitivity and others do not. If using properly shielded cables its not a problem. 

    In my units case I'm going to take it apart again to double check theres no connectivity issues with the Pi itself. Or perhaps other parts of the raspad. 

    But as it stands this is a known issue with the Pi4 and its a touch disappointing that the company behind the raspad don't seem to have accounted for it. 

  • @Myriri Myri you need to look at this from a technical perpective, an inconsistant issue is impossible to fully account for as if an issue can not be replicated in a cotrolled enviroment, then a perminant fix can not be found and as you have said yourself its an issue with the RPI4 itself, and the wifi controller they used in its design and i dont see you complain about then for " cheaping out " on the components used.

    Now that being said i hope RPI team can fix the issue with the RPI4 for the RPI5 and then it will no longer be an issue. Changing the cables supplied with the raspad3 may be possible but that would increase the cost of the units, and sourcing new cables would increase lead time meaning buyers would have to wait longer for there unit, if its even possible to source better cable in the first place, as it not like its a standard length cable you can go grab from amazon they are custom made for the raspad3.

  • @Myriri Myri i have remove your other thread as it was just a duplicate of this one that has already been answered, please dont post the same thing in multiple threads.

  • @CerberusStyle  

    Thats nice but my questions have in fact not been answered by this thread. 


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