Improvement I would like to see to Raspad.

  • To be very honest the raspad3 is very well made i only really have four big issues with it.

    1. Make the the propritory software availible in a repo for easy updating and to make it possible to install other versions of linux on the raspad3 while still being able to use things like the acel module. It is possible to do but its alot of hassle to do it currently.

    2. Make the fan mount slightly bigger so that a better fan can be mounted, as one supplied is very load and doesnt cool very well. 

    3. Allow user to enable the touch display even when a second display is connected, i use the raspad for alot of program testing and to be able to test the touch while monitoring output on second dispay would be great, i understand why it was disabled but now that the touch can be assigned to just one of the display with a few easy commands, it does not need to be force disabled.

    First of all, we need to check the name of the display with the following command:
    For me, it was DSI-1.
    Then we need to do the same for our touch input:
    For me, it was 10.
    Then to put it all together, we map the input to the desired display:
    xinput map-to-output <input_device_id> <display_device_id>
    So in my case, this meant xinput map-to-output 10 DSI-1. This command has to be executed each time the device boots.

    4. When the Pi is shutdown the display does not turn off and fan keeps running, this should not be the case.

  • @Phil Bennett ☺️

    1. Regarding the software on raspad, we will not update raspad os in the future. It will be implemented by launcher, which can be installed on various linux versions.

    2. Regarding the fan issue, thank you for your comments and we will record them.

    3. Thank you for your suggestions, we will try. If you want to use touch with an external screen, you can solder a 10k~100k resistor here to enable it.

    4. It is currently impossible to achieve.

  • @RasPad Support 

    1. That makes Alot more sense than the current setup i look forward to testing it. just ddont forget the software to enable the accelshim ;)

    2. Awesome good to hear.

    3. That simple enough, can you be more exactly on which solder pads you mean, dont want to ruin the RASPAD3 ? 

    4. Thats a shame maybe an idea for version 4. 

  • We have tested the external screen touch solution you provided👍 and will update it soon.
    Stay tuned💪

  • @RasPad Support Please provide more information about suggestion in answer number 3 about resistor soldering.

    I really want to make touchscreen to work with secondary display connected.

  • @Tadej Korošak 

    There are no details, just solder a 100k SMD resistor at the position of the picture circle.
    Need to explain, for the early mainboard of, even if the resistor is soldered, the touch function cannot be used normally after connecting a screen. Just solder that and you can touch it with only one HDMI cable. (Early mainboards require two HDMI cables to be connected to touch at the same time to be normal.)

    The method of external screen mentioned by @Phil Bennett is applicable to the new version of the mainboard.

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