Raspad team is soliciting Slogan from everyone!

  • 📢📢Hi Makers,

    Raspad team is soliciting Slogan from everyone!

    From Raspad v1 to Raspad v3, we are constantly optimizing and upgrading the firmware and system of Raspad to make it more user-friendly. Our fans have built lots of Raspberry Pi and IoT projects with Raspad, and may have fully learned about Raspad. We believe that Raspad will gain more and more fans in the future, but how can we introduce Raspad to more people? I believe a catchy Slogan is essential!

    Reading this, do you have such a sentence in your mind to express your impression of Raspad, and express the characteristics of Raspad?

    E.g. "Raspad- The Lighter Way To Enjoy Raspberry Pi."

    Now is the time to show your creativity and talents! Hurry up and leave your suggestions in the Comment below! This is a chance to be immortalized in Raspad history. To give Raspad a slogan that will appear on our website, packaging, and who knows where else for years to come.

    Of course, a gift🎁 is essential!

    Raspad team has prepared a fancy gift- Keychron K3 Ultra-slim Wireless Mechanical Keyboard ⌨for you who are full of talents


    On June 17th, we’ll collect all of your suggestions and filter out one Slogan that best meets the characteristics of Raspad, the fan who made that suggestion will receive a fancy gift we prepared for you!

    We can’t wait to hear your ideas!




    1. Leave your suggestion in the Comment area.
    2. Deadline for submission: June 16, 2021.
    3. Winner will receive a confirmation email on June 17, 2021.
    4. Once submitted the work, you shall be deemed to agree that the Raspad team has the right to use it in related activities (including exhibitions, publications, publicity materials, media, network publicity, etc.), and no additional remuneration is required. Once the applied work is awarded and requisitioned, it is deemed that the copyright belongs to Raspad.  
    5. This event is open to Raspad users from all over the world.
    6. RasPad Team reserves the right of final interpretation.


    Winner Announcement:

    Congratulations to @Jay Bee for his suggestion on Raspad's slogan was selected!
    Raspad - Pi up your Maker's Life

    Thank you everyone for participating in our Raspad slogan solicitation, and thank you for your support on Raspad team!
    Enjoy your Maker journey with RasPad!

  • Raspad - The Pi Maker's mobile Tool #1.

    Raspad - Pi up your Maker's Life. 

  • Raspad - Touch the future of the Raspberry Pi.

  • Raspad: Use, Make, Play anywhere with your Raspberry Pi.

  • My suggestions:

    Raspad, the easy way to compute and discover the digital world!

    Raspad, the digital world at your hands: Touch, Learn, Enjoy!

    Raspad, the adventure device!

  • Raspad - The Raspberry Pi idea oven

  • RasPad: Have your Pi and tote it too

  • Raspad: The OS Independent Tablet

  • Raspad: It's up to you'RaSp! 

  • Raspad: Pi in a Box

  • Free your Pi from the desk with a Raspad and let it work wherever you go.

  • My take on it:

    Raspad: Enjoy some Raspberry Pi anywhere and anytime you want it!

    A shorter version:

    Raspad: Raspberry Pi anywhere and anytime you want it!

    Or something in between! ;-)

  • Raspad - Making learning tech fun and portable.

    Raspad - Making your PI more.

  • Raspad - Activate your inner innovator on demand!

    Raspad - Release your inner innovator!

    Raspad - Become an innovation beast!


  • RasPad - love at first byte

    RasPad - feast your pis on this

    RasPad - makers gonna make

    RasPad - pi in a box (with a screen!)

    RasPad - less mess, more making

    RasPad - the low stress, no mess, pi-tastic way to make

    RasPad - one, two, fun!




  • Raspad: PorTableT PI

  • Let the Raspad be your canvas.

    (better pic is adviced)

    Let the Raspad be your canvas.

  • Raspad - you may not be able to "have your cake eat it", but you can have a pie and take it with you.

  • @SunFounder_official Raspad - all-in-one Raspberry Pi for makers

  • RasPad: Start Learning

    You could have a nice animated presentation in which the last word changes quickly from "Making" to "Coding" to "Plugging" to "Connecting" to "Playing" to "Learning."  I am imagining an animation with classic mechanical split-flap panels (like the countdown clock on "Lost") that rotate to reveal each new word.

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