Dumb question about powering.

  • I am ultra n00b to all this Pi business, but this Raspad is the best attempt I've found at making it into a tablet. But the battery aspect is my concern, can it be powered by the mains? so that it can run for longer than just the battery pack allows? Or does plugging it in only charge the batteries?

    Also if it can be powered by the mains, does this impact on the batteries overall life, or does it feature the same built in aspect that most devices have these days where once the battery is full it stops trying to charge them?

    I'm betting this is about the dumbest thing thats ever been asked here, but hey-ho. The only is up now lol

  • @Dave Grimes

    You can directly use the mains power supply without using the battery pack. Just remove the battery interface on the mainboard and use the adapter to connect to the mains.

  • Thank you. So it cannot be unplugged from the mains and then seamlessly switch over to its internal battery?

  • It is not necessary to remove the battery interface from the mainboard. Continuing to charge the battery after it is fully charged will not adversely affect the battery. You can also do this to achieve seamless switching.

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