50 PCS Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Giveaway!Show Us Your RasPad and Get It.

  • What projects have you done or are doing with RasPad? What do you often use RasPad for? Exploring the Raspberry Pi OS? Building IoT projects? Or is it playing games on RasPad? So, would you like to share them with us in the form of photos?🌈

    Every RasPad user is welcomed to share the photos of your RasPad in the comments, and the first 50 members who submitted the works will receive a FREE gift we prepared for you!🎁 - Lenovo Wireless Bluetooth Earphone(Value $16.99. Color is random: white or black), which is fully compatible with RasPad 3.0

    The content of the picture could be what you are doing with RasPad or a well-designed scene.📸

    For example,


    Note: Only the first 50 members who shared the picture will receive this awesome gift! First come, first served! 


    • Picture to be shared must be clear, tidy, and avoid text

    • Minimum size: 500*500px; Less than 2 Mb 




    1. Upload and share your works in the comments.
    2. All works must be original.
    3. Duration: From Jul 6th,2021 to Jul 31th, 2021
    4. Winners will receive a confirmation email within 3 working days after the events.
    5. This event is open to RasPad users from all over the world.
    6. RasPad Team reserves the right of final interpretation.



    Thank you all for sharing RasPad's photos and projects with us. 🎈The event is over now, and we have arranged the wireless Bluetooth earphone for sharers. 

    Please check the link in the email from us and fill in your receiving address. We will send the Bluetooth earphone to you as soon as possible.

  • Use my raspad to for dev testing of software and as my daily pc when connect to my secondary monitor.

  • Raspad running BitScope, displaying a Lorenz attractor generated by a Bela board, which is also used to drive some synths: (previously, the Raspad generated the attractor directly via Numpy and some cheap DACs...)

    Lorenz Attractir

  • One project I use on my Raspad is a an image viewer to cycle thought all the photos of various cruises and trips my wife and I have taken (pre-covid)RasPad Image Viewer

  • Here's my RadPad being used as a daily PC.

  • @Giles Greenway Kinda more fun when it makes noises and moves: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBHgRQaAFJb/?utm_medium=copy_link

  • @Glenson Jones You can see the Image Viewer project and the code at: https://raspad.com/community/forum/topic/33226/raspad-image-viewer 

  • I'm using it to develop an e-ink smart-home monitoring frame. 

  • Lineage OS

    I use multiple sd cards with my raspad. My LinageOS sd card turns it into an android tablet. My retropie sd card gives me a gaming console

  • @RasPad_official Running android lineageOS for Multimedia, and Twister for work :D

  • My 4-year-old son likes to use Scratch while I'm at the computer after work. RasPad 3 made it easy and awesome!

    RasPad 3 Scratch

  • Currently it's buzzing away as a seedbox/NAS with a 10TB external hard drive and two flash drives (that admittingly don't do much) to accept raw files and supply our team with rendered video as I'm the only one with a half-decent PC and it's actually faster to send me the footage and have me render it than let it buzz away on their potato laptops. Not the most glamourous job but that's what it does right now. It's been acting up a little so I've got to take it down for maintanance, probably has a loose connection somewhere inside. After this it's going back to the TV as a general media/retro gaming PC, although now I'm curious how well it'll do as a video editing PC of its own.

  • it is my super workplace)

  • I use my RasPad to develop an open-sourced and fully customisable tactile Stream deck for my Streaming channel.

    Streamer desktop picture with a streaming software ans a RasPad as a Stream Deck.

  • I use my RasPad mostly to control my 3D printers (either localy or remotely) and to do some hacking in my man cave! ;-)

  • My hobby machine is a permament fixture on my table :)

  • @RasPad_official  Using my Raspad to play RetroPie retro games!Using Raspad 3 to play Dreamcast gamesUsing Raspad 3 to play MAME Arcade games



  • Kiddo is still asleep so didn't want to risk waking her up plugging it in and turning it on but my daughter and I used the one I bought her to build a minecraft server.

  • My 16 y.o. brother is using RasPad for learning C++ ( for Arduino) and Python programming

  • My wife is using Raspad for working while keeping the new born! Working as a super mum!

  • RasPad Learning


    For RasPad Learnin! 😎🤩

  • In my family the use of the Raspad is shared between us. Everybody has their own way of using it. My son, being a teenager, likes playing retro games on it. We even managed to reach to a point in Half-Life where we have never reached before. My wife likes to use it for inspiration for her cooking recepies.  I use it as my mobile pc for browsing, thus being the base for my tinkering projects.

  • @RasPad_official Raspad for pi projects. This one is a pi zero dashcam.raspad pi zero dashcam

  • Using as a weather station while on the charging dock.

  • I use my Raspad to configure and monitor my 3D printer farm.

  • @Flavien de Nocturlab streampi? ;)

  • Using my RasPad to recover corrupted and faulty SD cards with PhotoRec utility.

  • @Phil Bennett

    No I develop one myself.

  • @Jose Esteves 

  • Using mine to study for my Linux+ and to get used to Arch Linux. I keep multiple SD cards with things like RetroPI and Raspad OS so I can use it differently based on what I'm doing. 

  • Working with my Raspad using remote desktop to test C programs, related to teaching operating systems.

    Raspad from remote desktop on windows 10

  • As a teacher,  I have been using Pi 4 to run the coding class. RASPAD3 has made the class (30 hrs/week) gets delivered in great portability and convenience.

    RASPAD3 for Online Coding Class

    And when swapped the sd card installed with WoR, RASPAD3 turned as a fully functional and affordable Windows 10 tablet. The touchscreen is responsive and fluid for everyday Work From Home stuffs like Office, Zoom and get connect to corporate network.

    Windows 10 on RASPAD3 - Great!!!

    RASPAD3 has maxed out the potential of Raspberry Pi.


  • Raspad Win11 Dev with interface options

    My Raspad 3 runnig a dev copy of Win 11. There is also two ways to interface the 40 Pin gpio, one to a terminal block and one to a breadboard. Shows how to use 40 pin FPC cable to make a little more flexible coming from the Raspad. Also using a Pimoroni Keybow 2040 (still testing Python on Win 11) as an extended Keypad - if I get Python running 😎.

  • Awesome little setup for my Pi4. It fits great on my desk and looks way better then just a Pi or a small case with no screen and you can take it with you!!!

  • Raspad

    I keep my Raspad on my bed stand for night time reading and video watching.

  • @Tony Kientz What weather app are you running there?

  • Raspad running htop in a terminal window.  On the Mac: VNCviewer connected to Raspad and a terminal with a ssh login to the Raspad also running htop.

  • @Kyle Sherman It is just called weather station, it's on the google play store. Android 11 runs pretty good on the raspad.

  • I use my Raspad as a media playback system. I listen to a lot of live recordings so I utilize a graphic equalizer and outboard high definition sound card. Twister is my operating system of choice and I can't wait for it to go 64 bit. You will also note the Raspad image is flipped and it stands proud and tall without a stand!

  • My Software Defined Radio project.
    PiHPSDR installed on Raspad3.

    I made a controller V2. Connected to GPIO for tuning and control.
    I am enjoying wireless communication by controlling Redpitaya.

  • Here's Mine .. using as a PWS (personal weather station) display

    also using a MSATA USB 3.0 - as system Boot drive.

  • Do this at your own risk since I have not tested the long-term heat effects on the Pi or the RasPad 3 yet but there is just enough room to plug in an M.2 drive that I boot from which significantly enhances the speed of all file I/O. It's being held in with 3M command strips to ensure it doesn't accidentally short anything. It's a bit hackish but isn't that what Raspberry PIs are all about? 

  • Stellarium on RasPad

    Taking my RasPad with Stellarium running outside to help identify some stars...


  • Raspad 3 and earbuds

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