image has problems and raspad launcher install fails

  • I first tried the downloadable image. Seemed cool, but then I found my wifi country was not set, my local was UK, and my keyboard was also UK. I need US keyboard.

    Usually configuring all that isn't hard, just a pain, but I could find a normal US keyboard. I got in this loop where I would pick generic 104 key, US keyboard, and then get a list with all sorts of thing that were not a US keyboard, including a Russian en-us keyboard. What?

    So I tried using the script to install the raspad launcher. I've done it three times, and each time the pad would no longer boot. Just black screen after the search for sdcard/usb.

    I noted that the virtual keyboard install was not part of raspad launcher, ok, but tried those instructions. Saw the preferences for it, but still, it never pops up. Could not get it onto the top of the bar, like the image.

    blah, so far, nothing but frustration. 

  • @John Windberg 

    Sorry, we were not thoughtful. It does not include the American keyboard layout.
    You can refer to this post first, to solve the urgent need, we will modify launchar in the future.

  • @RasPad Support quite a large market to forget

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