virtual keyboard and universal access

  • Ok, so finally I have raspad-launcher installed and working, and auto-rotate installed and working.

    So, I followed the instructions for the virtual keyboard as found here:

    Now, the last step says after every boot I have to click "General Access -> Onboard" to enable the virtual keyboard. Mind you the picture below shows "Universal Access" and not "General Access", but neither are present in the menu you get with raspad-launcher.

    There is nothing between accessories and help.

    So, I get no virtual keyboard.

    Now the downloaded image version had an icon near the top right that would show a keyboard. Is that one different than this one? In any case, no on screen keyboard for me. And no, I cannot use the downloaded image, it does not support en/US or the US keyboard.

    So, how do I get an onscreen keyboard?

  • I'm new myself having just got everything installed yesterday and the auto-rotate working as well.

    I also installed the virtual keyboard. From the launcher, on the left side select the Accessories group.

    The onboard keyboard should be one of the icons that shows up on the right now. Click(tap) it. That will make the icon you are describing show up in the top right edge of the desktop.

    from there tap it to hide or make the keyboard show up.


    Hope that helps!



  • @John Windberg 

  • @RasPad Support Your help is useless. If they keyboard does not show up, I cannot push a button on it.

    @Darren Griffis Your help appreciated. I see that keyboard for the first ime.

    I am curious, as it is a very different lookign keyboard than I say in the downloaded os image. Perhaps just a configuration change. 

    However, for the first time I think I have a functional tablet, and I am looking forward to trying it out, finally.

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