WiFi will not work: Error saving /etc/dhcpcd.conf

  • Hi all,

    Help please, Can not connect my raspad to WiFi I get: Error saving /etc/dhcpcd.conf The dhcpcd configuration file is not wirteable. The image is on a USB 3.0 stick in the pi4 and used balena Etcher to write the image.

    Cheers (M_P)

  • Ok that not a raspad3 issue but an issue with your install, dont use etcher to write your image use the offical RPI imager and install a fresh copy of RPI OS. and you will be fine. 


    Once installed and connected to the internet (i recommend wired for installation ) you will need to run 2 command from terminal.

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt full-upgrade

    that will make sure your install is fully upto date, then you should be good and you can play with you newly installed Raspad3, if you want to use the raspad3 specific launcher then you will need to do one final step



  • @CerberusStyle Thanks dude.

  • Still no good.. I'm Not a fan of the raspad image O/S but hardware is good.

  • @Milky Pimms 

    Hold up your using raspad OS ? if so then thats the issue raspad OS no longer exists (EOL) you need to install standard raspberry PI OS and then the raspad launcher if you want there fancy GUI.

    i dont like their launcher, and just use standard raspberry PI OS but thats just personal opinion.


  • @CerberusStyle Cheers I prob's use Twister, raspberry PI OS come's with VS code pre installed - mircopoo (microsoft) malware add to the repo list.

    Thanks again great hardware made easy.

  • @Milky Pimms no problems glad i could help.

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