Final Solution Heat Management

  • Armor Case (Berrybase).

    Around 35°C at idle

    Below 60°C at high loads

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  • @Jay Bee A neat solution i can see two drawbacks with this solution.

    1. The accelshim is missing and can not be fitted, with that cooler on without modification to the cooler

    2.  The PI can not be screwed into the raspad3 with the cooler in place as screws are not accessable.

    3. The fan in the raspad would have to be removed as it wouldnt clear the top of the cooler.

    So in summary its a great solution but i wouldnt say its the final solution, for that the raspad would need some design changes, so hopefully if we see a raspad4 these problem can be rectified along with others mentioned in the forums.

  • Agreed.


    (1) I had removed the accelshim as it was of no use for me. So, I am not missing the auto-rotation. If it would really be need, then a short extension cord would help as the GPIO pins are still accessible.

    (2) The PI does not move inside the case due to the height of the hear sink. Works just fine.

    (3) Yes, the fan had to be removed which is no issue as it no longer is needed.

    You are correct ... such a heat sink including good access to the GPIO pins should be a mod coming. For Raspad 3 and future ones, I'd say.


  • For those who want to keep the accelshim, this might be helpful:


    40 Pin GPIO Stacking Header


  • yes its legit

  • Thanks for this. I've been looking for a similar solution. One question though, are you overclocking your rPi? I want to run mine at ~2GHz, but concerned about thermals.  TIA

  • This is the much-needed topic in this forum, Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • @Chip Spencer No, I don't. No need for it. But you could. I think it probably will throttle after 10mins of full load.

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