• I would like to install Jeedom ( ) and keep raspad as mainboard.

    What about compatibility with Raspad OS?

    is it possible or only a dream?

    Maybe someone tried, i am afraid to run

    wget -O- | sudo bash

    I Need advice and help - Thanks


  • @Frederic Dubois well raspad OS is EOL and should not be used so just install Raspberry PI OS 32bit or even 64bit Beta, it shouldnt matter as the program isnt architechure specific as its coded in Java/PHP/Html. As for being afraid the worse that will happen is it plain wont run or crashes and you have to reinstall the OS, so not big deal.

  • @Frederic Dubois 

    There should be no problems with compatibility. Raspad has basically no effect on Raspberry Pi. If it can be used on the original Raspberry Pi, it can also be used on raspad.

  • My original Raspad power supply go mixed with a box of other.   Could you please tell me what the voltage and polarity is?

  • @Steve Dumbrell next time please start a new thread rather than, posting in an unrelated one but here is the info from the power brick.

    maker: KEERDA

    model: 150200F



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