Shielded HDMI cables

  • The Raspberry Pi especially the 4 has a history of interference from the HDMI ports affecting the wifi.

    As a consequence official cables are shielded to prevent this interference. Future raspads would benefit considerably from providing such cables as there's not enough room to install properly shielded cables. 

  • @Myriri Myri 

    Our technical department is being plagued by this problem recently, and we will test it on HDMI in the near future.
    Thank you for the suggestion.

  • @RasPad Support Are there any chances we might see updated cables made available to people who bought raspads and have this issue? 

    Quite frankly at this point I'd even pay for them. Sunk cost fallacy kicking in. 

  • @Myriri Myri 

    It is still testing and waiting for new samples. We have tried wrapping with aluminum foil, but the effect is not very good.
    We will update you with good news.

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