Using SSH or VNC from to the RasPad

  • I'm familiar with using SSH and VNC to the Pasperry pi, but when I try this to my newly installed RasPas the usual pi/raspberry don't work.  Both SSH and VNC are enabled.  I think the user is "pi" (ls /home/pi gives the same answer as ls~), so is the password different, or is there some privilege required for me to access remotely?  I have a keyboard plugged into one USB port.  I can PING the RasPad, and the SSH fails after about 3 seconds with "Access denied".  I haven't changed the password, or set a default username in the connection (PuTTY).


  • The process to ssh to the raspad is exactly same as if the pi was on its own, you just set the RPI up with an install of raspberry pi os, and turn on SSH then login to the RPI via its internal ip ( eg 192.168.0.* or 10.0.0.* ) as for the logins the defaults are " pi " with a password of " raspberry ".

  • @CerberusStyle Thanks!  Yes, that's what I thought, but it didn't work.  So I got a terminal, changed "pi" password, then it worked.  So either the password wasn't the default to start with, or access is disabled until the password has been changed.  Strange, and a new one on me.

  • @David Taylor yer that would make sense, to have to change pass to open security, glad you got it sorted :)

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