Travel protection cases and ssd's

  • Two things im looking into before purchasing a Raspad3

    First are there any protective travel/transport cases available for it and screen protectors?

    Second is it possible to fit a ssd addon board inside the case somehow?

  • @M C

    1. Nope there is no case its a developement platform not something to be carried around like a normal tablet, but its a standard 10inch screen so any screen protector for tablet that size will work.

    2. You could fit and NVME SSD (gumstick drive) in there easy enough with some DIY action.

  • Im guessing diy case it is then.. i'll be using it for development in a mobile setting so i was looking for a portable solution that is all on one.

    What are the dimensions of it and what sort of "free space" is available inside to fit an ssd drive? 

  • @M C 

    The remaining space does not support the installation of another ssd.

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