Screen spec

  • Ok so sunfounder has confused me.

    I emailed and asked them for display specs eg response time, contrast, brightness specs etc. They sent me an email with specs that just said it was a tft and nothing else? To start with its listed everywhere as ips and they didn't actually tell me anything other than it was 10 point touch which was in the listings 🤦‍♂️

  • Ok as a follow up ive received another email now stating its original spec sheet emailed was wrong and confirms its ips.

    And another data sheet has been sent on the screen itself, but this document states its only 5 point touch 🤦‍♂️

    Still no info on response, brightness, contrast, etc 🙈

  • @M C what exactly are you trying to achieve ? as then i might be able to better help you with answering all your questions in one thread and not lots of little ones.

  • Ive been comparing different touch screens and cases to evaluate if this works out better for me as a prebuilt tablet unit or if i need to go down a total custom diy type route.

    I will be using the tablet mainly in a live event setting for both custom control of digital sound desk, lighting, and different rack units i already have custom interfaces that connect to my rpi

    I will also be using it in the warehouse for development work.

    Im just trying to evaluate the hardware in the raspad to see if that will work for me.

  • @M C ok that makes it easier to help you, i would not want to use the raspad3 in a live event type eviroment it just wont hold up to the task, going down the custom route or getting something like a pi 400 and seperately mobile screen. As for developement in a warehouse/office/classroom setting is exactly were this product would shine, as thats exactly what its designed for.  

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