wifi range is greatly reduced

  • hello, i have several PIs (version 3 and 4) at home connected to a private subnet.

    the pi4 in the raspad has very poor reception. i put a pi4 in a regular case right next to the raspad and the pi4 in the regular case has no problem accessing the internet via the subnet. but the raspad though has a connection but the connection speed is basically not useable. when i move the raspad closer to the router, then the speed becomes normal.

    i suppose it is a reception issue with the raspad case getting in the way.
    any suggestions to improve the situation?


  • This sadly is due to a flaw in the Pi4 models that cause some to be very sensitive to EMF and as such wifi is affected, this then becomes an problem when the pi is in the raspad as it would seem the HDMI cable can cause some interfearance.

    The only current fix seems to be to change the HDMI cable in the raspad3 for better shielded ones, that would need to be purchased seperately as this isnt an issue of raspad3 but of the pi4 itself, its also impossible to test for as it is intermittent and doesnt affect all PI4s, mine for instance works flawlessly.

  • @Patrick Ma 

    Try to connect to the wifi of the 5g band, it may be that there are too many signals in the same band causing interference.

  • thank you CerberusStyle

    can i assume if i don't need to use the hdmi port in the pi4 and raspad3, i can just remove the hdmi cable and thus removing the interference? want to hear from you first before just taking the case off and removing the cable.


  • no you need the cables for the screen to function.

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