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    quick tipp to avoid destroying your SD card reader: never forget to remove SD card prior to opening the housing! The metal case of the reader will not survive an opening with an SD card inserted. :-)


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    I noticed static noises on the headphone jack. I am using BT paired device instead now. You need to install 

    sudo apt install bluetooth pi-bluetooth bluez blueman

    Then add Volume Control (Pulse Audio) to the Task Bar and select the BT device for Audio Output after paring.



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    I noticed the external HDMI port is not hot plugable. Simply reboot the Raspad with the monitor plugged in and it will be activated.



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    If you intend to program your Sunfounder STEM device using Raspad, the EZBlock 2 app needs an update to work with the BT dongle provided by Sunfounder customer support. However, there is a public beta for EZBlock 3 (webbased) which will transfer data via Wifi (faster than BT and no dongle required). See ezblock dowload page.


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    The autorotate feature was too sensitive and I often had to rotate the Raspad to keep it in the desired mode (landscape mostly). I have removed the sensor from the Pi4 GPIO pins for now as I could not find a setting to adjust the sensitivity. The Raspad stays in landscape mode for good. Not optimal, agreed, but much less hassle.



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    There is a little switch next to the fan connector on the Raspad daughter board which sets the cpu fan speed from Hi to Lo. This reduces the noise somewhat.



  • @Jay Bee 

    Hi, To late for me... but it is possible to plug the SDCard directly into the PI4 and all run as usual.. of course, it is not longer possible to switch SDCard without to open the Raspad....

  • @Méziane Bourassé , That is what I did to get started when I first assembled mine as I was having trouble getting the thin ribbon cable for the SDCard connected. If you don't plan on swapping SDCards, it shouldn't be a problem.

    To get the ribbon cable to insert cleanly, I had to grip it firmly with a small needle-nosed pliers.

  • @Méziane Bourassé Yes, simply remove the internal SD Card adapter and plugin an SD card. Works just fine.

  • Like @Jay Bee I also didn't like the sensitivity of the auto-rotate feature, so I made some manual buttons I could press.

    [UPDATE:  I've moved this post here for more visibility.]

  • Hey @Jay Bee  @Kyle Sherman About #5.

    You can download and reinstall the accelerometer software.

    cd ~
    git clone https://github.com/sunfounder/python-sh3001
    cd python-sh3001
    sudo python3 install.py  

    For how to use, you can refer to the auto-rotator.md file under the docs file in the python-sh3001 root directory.

    Regarding the operation steps of the calibration procedure:

    https://raspad.readthedocs.io/en/latest/faq/RasPad3-FAQ.html#q-the-direction-of-the-display-does-not-change-with-the-direction-of-the- screen


  • @RasPad Support Many thanks for the hint. I will test and report.

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    The Raspad doesn't turn off the display when shutdown via Menu/Shell. Pi turns off, but not the rest. So do not forget to also hit the on/off button after Pi shut down, as it would always drain the battery, if not done. It is NOT a good idea to only shutdown the Pi via the on/off button as this may crash the Pi's file system at times.



  • Yes-- and in my frustration to fix stuff, I broke it when taking off the back panel :(

  • @Méziane Bourassé I also now plug in a USB inside the case to boot, as I broke the SD card holder 

  • Really helpful tips. Thanks for sharing.

  • Removing the internal SD Card adapter and plugin an SD card Works perfectly fine for me.

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